Yahoo! Launches New Homepage

Yahoo! Inc. is launching a new homepage that brings together the best of the Web with the best of Yahoo! in a single destination across PC and Mobile Phones.
The launch represent the most significant change to the Yahoo! homepage since the company's inception. By enabling this level of personalization, Yahoo! allows people to get more done, faster, all in a single place.
Remember that new Yahoo home page we previewed waaaay back in September 2008?

New features of the Yahoo! homepage include:
  •  My favorites - People can easily choose from a dashboard of more than 38 apps to add directly to their homepage, including best of sites (Facebook and dozens of others. These apps gives people the  ability to preview, interact with or navigate to thier favorite sites from one easy check-in point.
  • App Maker - Using technology developed by Yahoo!, people can easily create their own app on the fly by adding virtually any URL of their choice.
  • Trend Setter - A new snapshot of trends, including the most popular searches and fun facts from around the Web.
  • Pc to Mobile Sync - (coming soon) - People will be able to continue their Yahoo! experience on the go with a more seamless PC to mobile integration. New apps added to Yahoo! homepage on the PC can be added to the mobile homepage.
  • News, For You -  Hyper-local news and the ability to toggle the news module at the top of the page offer easier ways to access the news that matters most.
  • Social Updates - People can now share their current "status" with friends directly from the homepage, get visibility into what their friends are doing across the Web, and integrate with leading social networks such as Facebook and Friendster.
" The Friendster application on the New Yahoo! homepage allow users quick access to their network     activity stream, photos, shout-outs, comments and much more", said David Jones vice president for global product Friendster.

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