Win a Sony DVP - SR400 DVD Player

Play SMART Rewards Craze and get a chance to win a Sony DVP - SR400 DVD Player!

1.Create a profile by registering your personal data at the Registration Page. Once registration is successful, use the Username and Password you supplied to access the game.

2. Play the Mini-games to earn Play Money. Play Money is the virtual currency you need to obtain Game Credits for use in placing a bid at the Auction Page.

3. Getting Game Credits. Play Money earned by playing the games must be converted to Game Credits in order to place a bid at the Auction. You have two options to get Game Credits:
a. Covert Play Money - Click on the CONVERT PLAY MONEY TO GAME CREDITS tab, enter the amount of Play Money to be converted and click on Submit. Once Play Money has been converted to Game Credits, it cannot be converted back to Play Money.

b. Covert Smart Rewards points - Click on the CONVERT SMART REWARDS POINTS TO GAME CREDITS tab, use the calculator to determine how much Game Credits you can get for your Smart Rewards points, and follow the on-screen instructions. Converted Smart Rewards points will be automatically credited to your Game Credits upon receiving the confirmation message from Smart. Just hit the refresh button. Once Smart Rewards points have been converted to Game Credits, it cannot be converted back to Smart Rewards points.

4. Auction Room. In the auction room, Smart Rewards registered subscribers can use their earned Game Credits to place a bid for the featured item of the month. To register to Smart Rewards, follow the on-screen instructions. Players who are not registered to Smart Rewards cannot enter in the Auction Room.

5. Inviting Friends. Inviting Friends. Invite your friends to play Smart Rewards Craze and you could get 1,000 extra Play Money. You can invite friends via: 

a. In-game invite feature:
Get 1,000 Play Money for every friend who registers to Smart Rewards Craze. Just click on the “INVITE FRIENDS TO EARN MORE PLAY MONEY” button found on the upper-right corner of the game.
Type in your friends’ email addresses separate by a comma (,).

b. Facebook Application:
This requires that you have a Facebook account. Type “SMART REWARDS CRAZE” in the Search box found in the upper-right corner of your profile.


and start inviting your friends!

6. Play Monies and Game Credits are non-convertible to cash or to Smart Rewards points and do not have any value outside of the Game and/or the Auction. Any unused Play Money and/or Game Credit at the end of the Promo will be forfeited. After every auction, all unused Game Credits earned from playing the games will forfeited. However, all unused Game Credits earned from Rewards Points conversion (redemption) will still be available for use in the next auctions. Any unused Play Money and/or Game Credit at the end of the Promo will be forfeited.

7. Winners of the auction, and the three (3) closest bidders, will receive a call from Smart via access number 7777 for details on how to claim their prizes. The names of the Grand prize and consolation prize winners will be posted at the Auction page and will be displayed for three (3) days until the start of the next auction. Winners will not be asked for their account details. An auction winner may only win one auction in the entire promo duration. Users who have already won in a previous auction will not be able to enter the Auction Room in the next auctions.
8. Winners are given 60 days from date of callout to claim their prizes. All unclaimed prizes after the 60-day claim period has expired will be forfeited in favor of Smart.

The Rewards-o-Rama promo (herein referred to as the “Promo”) wherein Smart Communications, Inc. (herein referred to as “SMART”) shall be giving away prizes for an online auction (the “Auction”) in an online game (the “Game”) available to active SMART subscribers who registered to the Smart Rewards loyalty program (herein referred to as the “Subscriber”). The Promo shall be governed by the following Rules, including any amendment, also available at the website

1. The Promo will run from August 21, 2009 to January 21, 2010.

2. The Game is open to any who visit and create a profile at (the “Player”), which will redirect them to the Smart Rewards website: Information submitted can be used by Smart for whatever purpose appropriate to the Promo and to Smart Rewards such as, but not limited to, cross-selling of Smart promos via SMS and/or email, SMS and/or email blasts to encourage Smart Rewards registrations, and updating of subscriber records.

3. The Player will need to play each mini-game to earn “Play Money” which the Player needs to convert to “Game Credits” to participate in the Auction. Players must play the Game as defined in the mechanics available at the Game page.

4. Only Subscribers can participate in the Auction. A player needs to register to Smart Rewards, only available to Smart subscribers with individual accounts, to be able to log into the Auction. Players not registered to Smart Rewards cannot enter the Auction but can still participate in the Game. Smart Corporate accounts, service units, Talk ‘n Text, Infinity, retailer MINs and subscribers of other carriers cannot register to Smart Rewards.

5. Registration to Smart Rewards subjects the Subscriber to the Terms and Conditions of the Smart Rewards loyalty program which can be found at the Smart Rewards website:

6. The max bid feature of the auction page is a system feature that places an automatic bid to outbid other players within the parameters set by the Player. Use of the max bid feature is completely optional and Smart will not be held responsible for any problems arising from the use of said feature such as the loss of Game Credits or unwanted spending of Game Credits due to untracked bidding. Smart will not credit back spent Game Credits.

7. The Subscriber with the highest bid at the end of the auction period as defined in the auction page will win the featured item for the month as defined in the Game. The three (3) closest bidders will also win consolation prizes from Smart.

8. Prizes are non-transferable and non-convertible to cash.

9. The decision of SMART is final and inappealable.

10. The status of the account must be ACTIVE prior to delivery of the prizes. If the account is inactive, the Subscriber shall be informed to activate his subscription before any delivery is made. Subscriber is given 30-days from date the Subscriber is informed of his inactive status with regard to the Promo to activate the account, otherwise, the prize is forfeited in favor of SMART.

11. By participating in the Promo, the Player agrees to these Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions of the Smart Rewards program and the Terms and Conditions of Facebook, wherever applicable. In case of conflict between said Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions of the Promo shall prevail.

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