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Most grandparents long for better relationships with their apos and vice versa. But in this fast-paced world where everything happens so fast and tasks have to be juggled simultaneously, the weekend lunches with lolos and lolas seem to be happening fewer and far-between, and even the occasional phone call gets buried under a barrage of to-dos.

An informal poll, conducted by Bayan Telecommunications (Bayan) with via Plurk and Facebook social networking sites, revealed that given the chance, 87 percent of young people would want to continue communicating with their grandparents.

The same informal poll revealed that 81 percent of Filipinos are still close to their grandparents, and that 57 percent still visit from time to time. The emergence of the Internet, which ironically contributed to the fast-pace of this new age, is offering a means through which grandchildren and their grandparents can constantly keep in touch.

According to Nielsen's Net Index Topline Report, the Philippine media landscape has changed so much that internet has slowly encroached upon, and in some cases even overtaken, the popularity of traditional media such as television, radio and newspapers. The Nielsen study also predicts that the Philippines will have over 35 million internet users in 2012, from a little over 20 million this year.

Ironically, the Internet is also responsible for creating a generational gap between the old and young generation. More people, usually of the younger set, educated, single, either studying or at the prime of their careers, are using the internet as a communications tool– specifically its more cutting edge applications like instant messaging, social networking, and blogging. While the younger set is fully equipped to deal with the internet's varied tools (given that computer courses are virtually de rigeur in schools, even at the primary levels), the more mature members of society are in danger of being left behind.

Bayan Telecommunications recognizes this need and took the initiative to address it by launching its newest advocacy, Teach Lola--an initiative to bridge the communication gap between the younger and older generation.
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