BloggersUnite for Haiti

Goal is to share information about this disaster and how people around the world can provide aid to ongoing relief efforts.

Nations and aid organizations around the globe are scrambling to provide aid to Haiti in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. While the listed date of this event to be 1/19/10, we ask that bloggers begin to submit relevant posts as soon as possible and continue to do so as long as more information becomes available and more aid for the citizens of Haiti is needed.

We welcome any posts about current conditions in Haiti as well as how to donate money, supplies or man power to the ongoing disaster relief efforts. If you have any information to share about this tragic event with readers around the world, please post a link to your article here.

We here at BloggersUnite send our thoughts and prayers out to those affected by this disaster.

Organizations Helping With Haiti Relief
Join This Event
American Red Cross                   
Doctors Without Borders
AmeriCares Disaster Relief
International Medical Corps
Mercy Corps
Catholic Relief Services
World Vision International
Save the Children
Yele Haiti
Partners in Health
The International Rescue Committee
Samaritan's Purse
Friends of WFP
Feed My Starving Children      Get links to all of these organizations here:

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