Disabled Filipino-American pilot back in RP (Jessica Cox)

Cox has inspired people worldwide with her story of strength, courage and determination to rise above her disability.

Cox is in town with her parents, Filipina mother Inez and father William, and brother Jayson for her mother’s college reunion.

Her mother, who hails from Bobon, Samar, is a registered nurse.

As a child, she said her mother always put toys by her feet for her to play with and enrolled her in gymnastics and dance classes when she noticed that she loved to tap her feet.
Media celebrity
Her many achievements did not go unnoticed in the American media. She has been featured in the popular afternoon program “Ellen” hosted by Ellen Degeneres, “Inside Edition,” and TV networks like CNN and Fox News.
Overcoming shyness
She recalls how she overcame shyness as a little girl when she was to dance before an audience for the first time as part of her dance school where she took dancing lessons.

The doctors were baffled why Jessica was born without arms. Sonograms and other prenatal tests did not reveal this rare congenital condition, according to her website. From infancy her feet became her hands. Like all children, she went through the various stages of development. She learned to feed herself and write with her feet.

Lessons from flying

According to Jessica, learning to fly an airplane has had a “significant impact” on her life.

Book project
Her mom Inez told this writer in Filipino that Jessica is scheduled to fly to Washington DC to meet with a prospective publisher for a book Jessica is writing.source thepinoy.net.

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