Dell shows off Android tablet with 5-inch display, maybe for AT&T

Dell has teased with a new tablet/slate PC at its keynote speech at CES in Las Vegas.
Giving virtually no details, as per usual with Dell's teasers, the new device will get a 5-inch screen size and be Android powered.
"It is 5-inches, however we are working on different screen sizes and form factors", said a Dell spokesman.
Refusing to be drawn on a name for the device, the word "slate" (just like in Ballmer's Microsoft  keynote speech) was bandied around.
The new model, which will go up against the currently available Archos Internet Tablet and recently announced JooJoo (formerly the CrunchPad), will allow users to surf the Web from a handheld device bigger than a touchscreen smartphone, but smaller than a standard netbook, whilst working in a similar way to a mobile phone.
Dell, has confirmed that the device will come with a built-in SIM card option making the HD2 from HTC look tiny in comparison. 

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