Pinoys win ‘Move Like Michael Jackson’ Rolls in UK

British-Filipino dance group Animaineax's has won the top prize at the “Move Like Michael Jackson” competition in Britain.
The four-piece dance crew beat thousands of acts for the opportunity to perform at the upcoming “Michael Jackson Memorial Concert” in London later in the year, alongside global artists who will commemorate the King of Pop.
Animaineax's, made up of Swarf (Mark Calape), Albertron (Albert Yanit), Rynamo (Ryan Ramirez) and London (Marlon Marqueses), consistently impressed the judges throughout the contest with their quirky, polished and expressive routines.
“They remind me of the Jackson 5,” said Jermaine Jackson, lead judge, entertainer and brother of Michael.

He added: “I was highly impressed. They [Animaineax's] took advantage of the lyrics, and [they] performed together. Very cool. [They] are just incredible.”
The rest of the judges were equally amazed, including casting director Mark Summers, recording artist Jamelia, and choreographer Lavelle Smith Jr.
“I love the Animaineax's. They have such a strong identity that is so unique to them. There is no one like the Animainex's, and I think they are great,” revealed Jamelia.
There were some tough competition along the way from soloists and other groups, including urban dance crews and trained professional dancers, who all exhibited their talents using Michael Jackson’s music and signature dance moves.
After months of grueling auditions, dance-offs and free-styling, it was down to the final showdown between Animaineax's and a dance group called Plague.
Both acts delivered a tight performance, with Plague opting for a fast-paced routine to “Faster, Stronger, Better” by Daft Punk, and Animaineax's choosing to experiment with the slower rhythms of “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis.
Despite their unusual song choice, Animaineax's was ultimately declared the winner, following a public vote and a positive reception from the judges and the live studio audience.
“We all listened to the song, and we tried to understand it. We tried to put our story into it, and it just fit so perfectly with this competition. We themed it around the man himself - MJ,” explained Swarf, a founding member of group.
“Move Like Michael Jackson” was a nationwide dance competition in the United Kingdom, hosted by Radio One DJ Reggie Yates and broadcasted by BBC

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